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bring on the funny, strange, weird, WTF side of the world of Sailor Moon. Just about anything goes here - cosplay, funny anime stills, gifs, pictures, funny/strange ebay auctions, you name it!


* Please keep entries on topic - Sailor Moon stuff that's funny or strange.
* Please, no questions about the series, this is a light-hearted community!
* Please do not post links to your own auctions, blogs, or websites unless it involves something LOL-worthy
* Please put large images (anything bigger than 500x500) under an LJ cut.
* If there is anything of adult content, you MUST put it under a cut containing "NSFW".
* Please, no flame wars or drama. Again, this community is meant for a giggle.
* If there's an image of yours that someone else posted and you are truly uncomfortable with it, please contact the person who posted it requesting it for removal. Keep in mind, things get passed around the internet and names/credit gets lost. I have good faith in everyone in this community - there is no intention to hurt anyone's feelings.
* if there are any further issues, please feel free to email me. If this community becomes huge, I'll add more moderators.

Have fun, don't take the community seriously, and LAUGH!

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